Industrial Warehouse Flooring

industiral flooring

The concrete industrial flooring is one of the most heavily used areas in the industry. These floors must be able to withstand continuous mechanical stress, for example by forklift trucks or heavy traffic, just as reliably as high chemical loads from acids, oils, and dirt.

BGSB with its 25 years of experience, is a market leader in providing concrete flooring solutions.  

BGSB offers a wide variety of industrial Warehouse flooring systems that provide highly durable and resilient and industrial surfaces, which are perfectly suitable for the challenging operating environment of the industrial sector.

Warehouse floors are highly loaded and highly exploited floors. Due to their high loading, they need a reliable and durable concrete floor base and a durable finish coat. Floors in warehouses must meet special requirements in order to last long and reliably.

BGSB Industrial Flooring Advantages:

  • Robust
  • Anti-Slip
  • Oil, Moisture,Fire & Dirt Resistant
  • Heat-Insulating Effect,
  • Recyclable,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Proven for Decades

BGSB's Warehouseflooring systems are joint-free, providing a seamless finish without any cracks or crevices to harbor dirt, dust and bacteria. It makes surfaces easy to clean and maintain.View Our Industrial Flooring Gallery Images

Due to our unique interlocking design of our industrial floors, your floor can easily be changed and adapted to your commercial requirements.

The industrial floor is a concrete floor covering, which is made of the building material concrete. Concrete is a pure natural product. It is made from lime or clay cement, gravel, and water. By adding special materials such as steel, concrete can be specialized. The concrete floor - versatile. A concrete floor is very often used in department stores, staircases and cellars.

The most Basic Requirements for Warehouse Floors are:

  • High structural strength, capable of withstanding large static and dynamic loads;
  • High evenness, necessary for installation of high-altitude racking equipment and work of lifting and loading equipment;
  • Resistance to temperature changes in unheated warehouses and entry areas;
  • Stability to falling heavy objects;
  •  Absolute dust and abrasion resistance of the finish coat;

 Because concrete floors are very sturdy, withstand even the most difficult conditions. So they are often used in public facilities such as airport halls, train station buildings and Warehosues. Contrary to many opinions, concrete is a building material that can be designed individually, which can look quite beautiful. He does not have to look chunky and unattractive. Concrete floors can be oiled, sealed or polished. Grinding, polishing or waxing create surprising effects that can lead to an innovative design. For example, smoothed concrete floors feel very velvety and are comparable to marble flooring.

 The surfaces of concrete floors can be provided with a special sealant that makes the flooring resistant to dirt, acids, and water. The individuality of concrete floors. In contrast to the traditional wooden floor, a concrete floor looks individual and modern. Anyone who decides to install a concrete floor can enjoy the flooring for a particularly long time. It is even possible to use concrete outdoors. Cleaning is done outdoors using, for example, a high-pressure washer.

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