Steel Fiber

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) is a concrete mixed with thin but high tensile steel wires drawn in a specific shape, having appropriately calculated aspect ratio (length to diameter) to reinforce the concrete for placing the ground floor slabs or even structural slabs, using appropriately calculated Steel Fiber dosage in line with the load requirements of the project. BGSB certifies that SFRC Flooring helps in improving crack resistance and impact resistance properties of concrete. SFRC Flooring can be used with or without steel re-bar depending upon the load and performance requirement. If calculated right, it does helps in reducing the cost of construction by a certain percentage.

Steel Fiber comes in different shape, sizes and forms (glued or non glued) differing from manufacturer to manufacturer and BGSB only recommends the best and has a strict multi point check criteria to choose the right product from the pre approved list of manufacturers. Having laid millions of square meters using Steel Fiber (SFRC) and conventional Steel re-bar floors across India and Africa, BGSB claims to be a undisputed market leader in the industry of concrete flooring. Industrial floors are inevitably subjected to various types of loading. There will be heavy rack posts, material handling equipment like forklifts, stacked loads, heavy tanks and other processing machines.

Thus, in these floors, strength and toughness are of paramount importance. The traditional norm in industries is to provide a concrete grade slab with reinforcement in the upper layer to cater to shrinkage and crack-control, leaving the lower slab uncovered, creating theneed of reinforcement at the bottom of the slab, which can easily be compensated using steel fibers.

Steel Fiber- SFRC Floors

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