Super Flat Flooring

Super Flat Flooring; for tall and VNA type warehouses

In the world of advancements in supply chain technology for tall and automated warehouses, the durability and the floor flatness is the most fundamental performance requirement and an utmost need for construction Super flat concrete flooring. With the emergence and popularity of high reach forklift trucks, it requires an extra attention to the detailing of floor flatness specifications; its achievement and the final measurements; making it an essential part of planning while building such facilities.

BGSB’s range of Super Flat floors offers:

  • SR1& SR2 category floor flatness as prescribed in BS8203, British Standards
  • DM1, 2, 3 & FM1, 2, 3 categories of floor as per TR34 UK Concrete society, Edition 4 or earlier versions
  • BGSB also offers certified AR1 & AR2 category of surface hardness for super flat warehousing floors, making it resistant to scratches and other surface abuses
  • BGSB specializes in construction of anti skid finishes as per requiring lesser amount of maintenance in comparison to others products.
  • BGSB only uses VOC free chemicals and admixtures for construction of its floors.
  • We also specialize in designing and engineering of concrete slabs in line with the requirement of the warehousing or industrial facility; making it tailor made for the specific or general use.
  • All our floors are measured with state of the art robotic technology using Dipstick 2272, made by FACE, USA. We generate and issue electronic floor flatness report as per the required standard by client, of each single floor panel casted by us.

BGSB is arguably the most experienced company in India and East Africa, having delivered maximum number of Superflat floors to the tall warehouse industry and our client includes but not limited to Amazon, Walmart, Snapdeal, Mahindra& Flipkart. Super flat concrete flooring is considered to be most skillful job in flooring industry as it needs sharp precision in controlling levels which also includes selection of high quality concrete and engineered slab design. BGSB has in-house mix design team which ensures the floor resistance to the shrinkage cracking, dusting and other defects which otherwise affects the performance of floor in a warehouse.  BGSB always believes in educating their clients by sharing information and knowledge on how to achieve the most high quality floor which otherwise is not shared by other contractors.