Steel Armour Joints

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BGSB now offers the solution for the best performing construction joints that addresses most of the concerns faced by the construction industry in terms of concrete floor performance. IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM® has been carefully designed and developed to offer engineers, specifiers and contractors, the most innovative construction joint system in the flooring industry today. The IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM® will distribute load transfer evenly allowing horizontal, and lateral movement between each independent section of the slab-on-grade providing seamless approach to the entire area.


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Conecto Dowel system are designed to create expansion joints for industrial. Steel armoured joints with theirunique construction constitute a stay-in-place formwork and additionally secure concrete floor edges.Conecto Dowel system is a floor expansion joint solution, where an anchoring element is a steel dowel placed in a specifically designed plastic sleeve, which permits free horizontal movement (along and across of expansion joints) and prevents vertical movements between expanded floor plates. Plastic elements are provided with proper reinforcements, which protect them against the deformation caused by the concrete pressure (even when the floor is thick). 


Expansion strips are mounted in concrete floor plates to compensate movements in plate sections. Concrete plates are exposed to internal and external pressures. Damage occurs mainly at the edges of plates near to connections. Connection of floor plates should compensate their mutual horizontal movements (perpendicular and parallel to the expansion joint) which are usually caused by thermal expansion and shrinkage of concrete. At the same time the connection must also block vertical movements and mutual curving of floor elements which is a consequence of traffic, heavy loads and uneven passive earth pressure.


Conecto Sinus joint is innovation solution on the market. Due to unique construction and best quality materials it gives feeling when driving over it, that there is no profile in the floor. Using sinusoid joint you could avoid floor cracking and difficult and expensive reparations. Conecto sinus joints completely adsorb shocks and they are completely invisibly in usage. Usage of Conecto Sinus joints minimizes operation costs. They reduce problem of damaged fork-lift wheels, loading equipment and goods destruction due to shocks.

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