Polished Concrete™ System

BGSB offers the “Prep To Polish” signature Concrete Polishing system, developed by Substrate Technology Inc. USA, best suited for high traffic Industrial Units, Retail outlets and warehousing facilities with outstanding warranty of 10 years. Polished Concrete System eliminates the need of continuous replacement of the floor coverings thus making it value for money proposition. The Polished concrete is the most preferred flooring over the conventional epoxy based floors. Concrete floors may wear out due to multiple reasons like waterlogging damage, surface pressure, de-lamination, improper curing, etc., but regardless of the age, the concrete slab can be polished using this signature process.

Moreover, no VOC acid agents are required in order to prepare the surface and the initial preparation consists of 5 to 7 steps of surface grinding using course metal diamonds in order to get rid of dusting surface and to reach denser aggregate level. With this process the grounded surface gets opened up and is then applied with a penetrating Lithium Silicate based liquid hardener.  In certain cases the surface is also grouted using special latex based product in order to fill the pinholes and micro pits. Polishing with resin diamond pads up to 3000 grit level subsequently follows this procedure. The floor can be put to use immediately after the application and there is no cure time required unlike epoxy or other wax based floors. To know about this unique system, do call our technical manager or write to our technical information team.