Concrete Floor Repairs & Restoration

BGSB’s signature restoration system can be opted for treatment of all kinds of failed areas including :

a] Shrinkage & settlement cracks

b] Color fading of Acid stained floors

c] Discolored patches

d] Dusting of surface

e] Curled joints

f ] Exposed expansion joints

Regardless of the condition of your floor, BGSB offers innovative range of restoration solutions including but limited to:

a] Polished Concrete system

b] Self Level toppings

c] Micro concrete toppings

d] Cutting& casting of damaged area

e] Crack Repair System (CRS)

Usually every failed floor could have its own unique reason of the failure hence we recommend to contact our floor specialist to analyze the defects before reaching out to self derived assumptions, which may lead to higher costs of repair and probably continued failed results.