Floor Hardening System

Floor Hardening and Densification System

Product name: Ideal Hard by Ideal Works S.r.l., Italy.1

BGSB offers premium quality floor hardening and densification system using Lithium Silicate liquid hardener for high traffic floors. It helps in dustproofing the concrete surface and also makes it glossy using diamond polishing system. It is a chemical reaction process wherein the micro silica reacts within the capillaries of concrete to produce crystals in the micro pores sealing them permanently and also making the surface waterproof. It is essential to follow the prescribed application procedure described below, in order to achieve high quality results:

A. Surface Preparation

Thoroughly clean the surface of the concrete floor with water using auto scrub cleaning machine using soft fiber pads in order to clean the embedded dust and debris from the top surface. If curing compound was applied on the floor; then it is necessary to be removed prior to start of hardening process.

B. Application Process

  1. Apply the Lithium based liquid densifier on the cleaned surface in uniform quantity (50- 60sqft. Per liter approx.) using a mechanical scrubber or squeegee to ensure maximum penetration of the liquid into the surface.
  2. Keep surface wet with the densifierliquid for a minimum time of 30 minutes.
  3. Leave the surface for internal chemical reaction for about 24 hrs. This will help to achieve denser surface before the start of diamond polishing system.
  4. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and remove all dried and powdery particles using squeegee and wet vacuum to get rid of slurry.
  5. Mechanically polish the surface using resin diamond pads up to 1500 or 3000 grit, depending on client’s requirement of gloss.