Polished Concrete System

BGSB offers the “Prep To Polish” signature Concrete Polishing & hardening system, developed by Substrate Technology Inc. (USA) and is now available in India, which is best suited for Industrial Units, Retail outlets and warehousing facilities with outstanding warranty of 10 years. BGSB’s unique Polished Concrete System eliminates the need of continuously replacing the floor coverings thus making it value for money proposition. The Polished concrete flooring is also becoming the preferred choice of the ones looking for ultimate NO WAX / EPOXY flooring options. Concrete floors may wear out due to multiple reasons like surface abrasion, de-lamination, etc. in the due course of its use, but regardless of age, the concrete surface can be polished using our signature process.

Procedure details:

Moreover, no special acid agents are required in order to prepare the surface and the initial preparation consists of 5 to 7 steps of surface grinding. This is done in order to achieve a dense level as top surface of concrete is often found to be damaged by pot holes, dusting, soft and porous. Polishing with resin diamond pads up to 3000 grit level subsequently follows this procedure. Additionally, based on specific requirements, Lithium silicate based Nano liquid floor hardeners and penetrating surface densifiers are also used for arriving at the right sheen and highly increased surface abrasion resistance. As per the International studies the top surface abrasion resistance is increased by at least 5 times after the application of Polished Concrete System.

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