Concrete Flooring

Heavy Duty Industrial and Warehouse Floorings

In the world of advancements in supply chain technology for warehouses and the manufacturing units the durability and the floor flatness is the most fundamental performance requirement and an utmost need for construction heavy-duty concrete floorings. With the emergence of high reach forklift trucks, it requires an extra attention to the floor flatness specifications; its achievement and the final measurements; making it an essential part of planning while building such facilities.

Concrete flooring due to its inherited properties of durability, toughness and sturdiness makes it resistant to heavy loads and high surface abrasion resistance. BGSB offers SR1& SR2 category floor flatness as per BS8203 in addition to the DM1, 2, 3 & FM1, 2, 3 categories of floor as per TR34 UK Concrete society.  BGSB also offers certified AR1 & AR2 category of surface hardness for heavy-duty industrial and warehousing floors, making it resistant to scratches and other surface abuses. BGSB specializes in construction of anti skid finishes requiring lesser amount of maintenance in comparison to others products. BGSB only uses VOC free chemicals for construction of its floors. We also specialize in designing and engineering of concrete slabs in line with the requirement of the warehousing or industrial facility; making it tailor made for the specific or general use. All our floors are measured with state of the art robotic technology using Dipstick 2272, made by FACE, USA. We generate and issue electronic floor flatness report as per the required standard by client, of each single floor panel casted by us.

Colored Concrete floors:

BGSB has an innovative approach towards concrete as a material and even specializes in casting colored concrete floorings for heavy duty, industrial and warehousing floors. It includes integrally selective color options, acid staining and even colored hardener toppings using slurry top method. It is a value added service, which improves aesthetics of the floor without compromising on the durability and structural strength of the concrete slab. 

Though grey color is a popular choice for concrete floors, especially for factories and warehouses but various other color options can also be looked at whilst choosing from the pallet.

Colors can be swirled together to create a mottled effect or kept separate with a distinct pattern. Colored dry shake Hardeners are the most tried-and-true method of coloring concrete floors and are prized for their permanence and unique color statement. Moreover on the other hand acid stains penetrate and react chemically with the concrete slab making the floor look unique and distinct.

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Our state of art technologies to achieve flat floors:

Laser and GPS Guided, boom extension screed machine: Ligchine in USA manufactures ScreedSaver-II machine and it offers automatic laser control mechanism, which ensures high accuracy as per the prescribed tolerance standards, with the use of electronic and wirelessmanaged hydraulics. Ligchine SSII is equipped with telescopic type boom extension arm which allows the machine to remain outside the poured concrete while it screeds and provides high stability using hydraulic riggers, ensuring the best in class flatness results. This technology helps to achieve desired floor tolerances as per TR34 UK Concrete Society or other International flooring standards and has the capability to cast over 2000 SQM sized panel without the use of multi panel form work.


Automatic Truss Screed Machine: This machine is manufactured by Bartell Morrison INC. Canada, has an automatic hydraulic controlled movement system, which ensures most consistent screed finish of concrete. It has an in-built vibrator within the screed board, which ensures consistent compactness and vibration throughout the casted slab. The width of slab can be extended up to 10 Meters, using multiple extension modules. Most interestingly, this machine can be put to use where the required tolerance are high and is difficult for other bigger machines to operate. It is preferred for the construction of mezzanine slabs or slabs thicker than 300MM where other drive in machines can get stuck and fails to perform.