PQC Roads & Pavements

PQC stands for Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) Grade of PQC is Generally M40 and it is designed as per IRC:15-2002. PQC is used for the construction of Concrete roads as a top wearing layer . The thickness range generally starts from 180mm up to 300 mm. BGSB specialises in design mix of PQC concrete, which is quite different from a general M40 mix. PQC Roads are laid using Automatic Truss Screed machine as it offers automatic hydraulic controlled movement system which ensures most consistent screed finish of concrete.

It has an in-built vibrator within the screed board, which ensures consistent compactness and vibration throughout the casted slab. The width of panel can be up to 50 feet using multiple extension modules. Most interestingly, this machine can be put to use where the required tolerance is “very flat” as per regulated flooring standards.

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