Flatness Certification

BGSB in association with highly experienced third party agen­cies, offers floor profiling services using the Dipstick® Profiler, by far the most accurate and specific concrete floor and pave­ment profiler in the world – used in over 65 countries without needing calibration.

Our special floor report covers far more than flatness/levelness:

  • “F Numbers” i.e. FF and FL as per ASTM E1155
  • Fmin, the profiler that measures Fmin for defined traffic floors
  • TR-34 Free Movement (FM); TR-34 Defined Movement (DM)
  • Gap under Sliding Unleveled Straightedge
  • DIN 15185
  • DIN 18202
  • Joint Profiles; Joint Movement under Load; Thickness of Toppings, Fills and Coatings; Construction Forms; International Roughness Index (IRI); ASTM E1926-08; AASHTO R 41; Rut Depth; Slab Upheaval, etc.

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