PROJECT - Transformers Manufacturing Unit

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BGSB was distinguished out consecutively for third time by Transformers Manufacturing Unit (name withheld) to execute Polished Concrete Floor at their factory premise located in Medak District, Hyderabad.

BGSB laid Concrete up to 150mm using Truss Screed & then applied Hardener on the top layer of the casted slab to get it resistant to abrasion. Took altogether 18 Days for Curing, Polypropylene Fiber is used to impart extra strength to the Floor.

Saw Cutting was done & Sealants were used to avoid Cracks, concluded by Polished Concrete System up to 3000 grit for high gloss finish; thereby warranting the Floor making it immune to dusting for 10 years

Hence BGSB executed project having a very hard surface floor and high glossy look.  

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