Warranty guidelines

Concrete Flooring - Care & Maintenance

This article will help you to maintain your new eco-living floor and claim warranties (if applicable). To keep your concrete floor finish in best condition BGSB recommends that you undertake the procedure mentioned below:

Warranty and claims: As per BGSB's standard warranty policy, it is important to have it mentioned on Tax- Invoice, with no pending dues/payments against billing and should have the "Agreement of Flooring" signed before commenment of job. Warranties are only applicable in case a warranty certificate has been issued along with a tax invoice.

Maintaining your Polished Concrete Floor is really easy and simple as it only involves, cleaning of dust, mopping and  weekly buffing. Following the procedure of maintenance will only lead to increased life of your polished floor. Given below is the standard way to maintain your floors, but it may need to be changed or altered to suit your specific requirement of upkeeping the expected gloss levels:

  • Cleaning the Dust - Daily
  • Semi-wet Mopping - Daily
  • High or low speed buffing - weekly

Cleaning the dust is very essential as it otherwise acts as abrasive sand paper, when it comes in contact with any kind of traffic. If  the dust is not cleaned for a prolonged duration then it may form a permanent layer over the surface, which could only be removed using professional machines used by BGSB. Such situation will also lead to cancellation of warranty, thus no claims shall be entertained.

Whilst buffing your floor using Auto-scrub machine you add neutral cleaner in the ratio of 1:10. Use of detergents and other acidic cleaners is not recomended and will void warranty. 

To have your floors professionally buffed or re-polished please email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our project manager at +919911233099

For further information on preserving your floor, please contact BGSB Concrete Solutions Pvt Ltd. in India.  BGSB will  be glad to answer any of your queries.