Polished Concrete V/S Epoxy

Our comparison chart clearly shows how the cutting edge technology of our polished concrete floors overtakes the traditional Epoxy flooring option.Below is the comparison chart between Polished Concrete Flooring/Floors and Epoxy.


Polished Concrete Floors




This application is world’s most trusted in terms of quality & life and exist since last 100 years or may be more.


Has no such history of reliability and existence.


Increases surface strength by at least 5 times.


No such increase in surface strength of base floor.

Quick use


Since this system helps in curing and hardening of newly placed concrete flooring apart from polishing, so it can be put to use immediately after application

Requires complete curing of concrete before application resulting in wastage of time


This application goes under grinding procedure to achieve maximum flatness.


No such procedure is followed and flatness is not guaranteed


This system helps in making the concrete flooring absolutely dustproof, smooth and shiny without any top coatings and sealers.


Will only serve as dust proofer till its top coat is preserved, and will become worst after delaminating from base floor.

Rising dampness

Does not get affected by rising dampness of surface, will serve as breathable floor.


Shall be delaminated or will create pin holes on the surface once there is rising dampness


Increases surface abrasion resistance by 5 times.


No such increase in surface abrasion resistance of base floor.


10 year limited warranty against dusting and hardening.


No warranties available.


Has unlimited lifespan subject to care and maintenance schedule being followed for concrete flooring.


Very short span of life may be 2 or 3 years to the maximum.



Requires cleaning, mopping and occasional buffing.


Requires new coatings as a schedule of maintenance.



Cost is drastically reduced as there is no topping material required. Thus only requires grinding and polishing of top surface with voc free additives for minimal costs.


Becomes very expensive if thick coat is desired for better results, making it at least 5 times more expensive. Yet requires yearly coating as maintenance.



Have no flammable materials at all or it can be termed as 100% non flammable concrete flooring option.

Highly flammable because of chemical presence.


Helps in gaining LEED points and certifications.


It’s a chemical product with no LEED credits.


Never requires a reapplication, may be buffing at the most.

Frequent top coats.


It can be polished to achieve a mirror effect.


Cannot have a natural look, in fact gives a paint finish.


One time application and life time satisfaction.

Trouble forever.