Warehouse Floor Solutions Using Concrete

Choosing a concrete flooring solution for a warehouse - Professional Approaches

If you require concrete flooring in warehouses and hangars, then you need a clear understanding of the purpose of the floor for storage/ warehouse space. What should it be? Flat floor in the warehouse, this is the most important condition. In overwhelming cases, the floor surface in the warehouses is made of concrete, and if required, with a hardened top layer.

Such a floor is suitable for operation in non-food storage and factory stores.

The operating conditions of the warehouse floors are standard, both in heated warehouses and in cold hangars. However, warehouse concrete floors with topping should not be used if there is a possibility of chemical reagents and substances falling onto the floors, as well as prolonged contamination with oil products.super flat floors

Warehouse concrete floor can be either with the usual tolerances for the differences in the flatness of the surface of the storage floor.

It should be noted immediately that super flat floors for commodity terminals, warehouses and hangars have an order of magnitude higher than conventional concrete floors. This is due to more labor-intensive manufacturing processes, the installation of rail guide-forms strictly at given points. Equal warehouse floor, in this case, is the most important criterion. Superflat floors in warehouses , significantly slow down the speed of construction, but improve the quality of the concrete floor.

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Floors in Warehouses

For warehouses for food purposes, there are certain requirements for hygiene standards. Hence, there are several ways of making concrete floors. The most budgetary is the application of de-dusting impregnation based on silicates, on a new concrete surface of the storage floor. A more expensive and qualitative method is the device of the storage floor, by applying modified polyurethane and epoxy impregnation to the concrete surface. In modern conditions, it is possible to apply to a fresh concrete floor.

The most expensive method of installing a storage floor is a polymer coating (polyurethane or epoxy). Such coatings are applied to concrete storage floors after at least 28 days after aging of concrete and residual moisture in it, no more than 4%, otherwise the polymer simply does not "stick" to concrete, will swell and flake. Also, the temperature in the warehouse is not less than + 10 degrees. Such floors are suitable for contact with chemical and petroleum substances.

Floors in storage freezers, after all, technological processes, can be covered with sheet aluminum.

The very processes of manufacturing industrial warehouse concrete floor can be found in other sections of the site.

Our team performs work on the installation of warehouse floors of any type. It is important only to choose the right solution for storage floors, without extra overpayments, but also unnatural savings.

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