Steps For Polishing Concrete Floors

Concrete is used in many ways. You can process your floor yourself with a concrete polishing machine in the dry polishing process and bring to a high gloss.It is important to note that if you have no experience in milling or slotting, you should have the work done by a professional craftsman to prevent injury.Let us know the steps of polishing a concrete floor:

  1. The prerequisite for a good result is extensive cleaning of the concrete surface. Remains of paint, adhesive residue or the like scratch or sand off entirely before polishing.
  2. Never use water during the entire polishing process, for example, to clean the floor in between. This can cause damage to the concrete.
  3. Then do a pre-sanding. Use a suitable milling cutter for your polishing machine.
  4. If you do not have your own polishing machine, you can borrow a corresponding device from a specialist retailer.
  5. After this sanding, sweep the concrete surface carefully with a broom.
  6. Now treat the surface with a diamond polishing wheel with a coarse grain size of about 200 to 400. Diamond segments for polishing machines are also available from specialist dealers.
  7. Now you have to clean the machined surface again with a broom.
  8. Now follows a diamond polishing wheel with a finer grain size. It is important that you do not immediately polish with the finer grain size. The grain should double with each work step, that is to say, finer.
  9. Clean the surface again with a broom.
  10. Decide now whether you are already satisfied with the result, or whether you want to polish again.
  11. If the result is your wish, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the fine dust.

You can contact BGSB in case you want to get it done by experts.





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