Polished Concrete - 12 Advantages


Polished concrete has many advantages due to which it is preferred choice in Industrial Warehouses, Factories. Let us know some of the advantages of Polished Concrete Floors.

1. High strength.

2. Durability. The service life is practically determined by the service life of the building, where the floors are made. Approximately once every 7-10 years, a planned schedule is recommended, consisting of light polishing (the so-called update).

3. Polished concrete floor has high wear resistance.

4. Highest resistance to scratching.

5. Sufficiently high chemical resistance - withstands the impact of the widespread chemical "aggressors".

6. Dust Resistant.

7.Safety from the ecological point of view and hygiene. Absence of solvents and organic substances that decompose from temperature and time, which can emit odors and cause allergies. Also, the high pH of the concrete does not allow bacteria to multiply, fungi and mold accumulate.

8. Ease in cleaning and caring for the sexes. Polished floor is easy to clean, it is possible to use any detergents. Absolutely smooth and flat surface of the floor does not accumulate dirt and dust.

9. High decorative properties. Color solutions are possible, both by adding dyes to the concrete mix, and by selecting different fillers (in the case of terrazzo floors). The glossy surface of the floor has a high coefficient of light reflection and the effect of the mirror looks very attractive.

10. Economical Floors. Polished concrete has a fairly reasonable price, given that it is the finish coat with good decorative properties.

11. It is a finishing coat, does not require an additional device of polymer coatings.

12. Minimum costs for maintenance and service.



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Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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