Polished Concrete FAQ

The Polished Concrete Floors are frequently deployed in remodeling high - traffic areas such as shopping Malls, health centers, airports, and Factories. But they are also increasingly being used as floors for home interiors.

If your factory, company or residence has traditional concrete flooring which over the time looks dull, then polishing is the ideal solution to restore its charm sustainably rather than rebuilding or adopting floor coverings.

What is Polished Concrete?

polished concrete

Concrete is a natural composite material and is made from an aggregate (typically granite flakes, rocks, and boulders ) combined with a cement binder (such as calcium sulfate and limestone) and water. If you are now wondering what's the difference between concrete and cement is: cement is a component of concrete.

In order to make the concrete surface smooth and attractive, it must first be treated with a concrete compressor chemical that is applied to the concrete surface to fill the pores. As soon as the smooth concrete surface is obtained and dried, it is sanded with abrasive tools - first rough, then finer - polished, in order to achieve the desired finish.

What are the challenges of "laying" a concrete floor?

The process polishing concrete is quite complex and requires an adept professional company. In order to achieve the desired surface finishing, professional tools are necessary. The grinding machine must work precisely at the right moment of curing. The completion of a concrete floor usually takes several weeks.

What types of textures, colors, and surfaces are possible with concrete floors?

If you have opted for a new concrete floor, the choice of surfaces, colors, and finishes is almost limitless. Texture and finish are determined by several factors: the concrete type and quality as applied as well as the polishing process. The color may be mixed in a variety of ways: color pigments may be mixed into the wet concrete to achieve any desired color, or an acid or water-based pickling agent is used to dye dry concrete.

Does concrete flooring require to be sealed and what kind of care is necessary?

Concrete is prone to oil, water, and chemical stains. Sealing is recommended but is a very simple process. Concrete floors must be resealed every two to three years. The care of a concrete floor is simple: once a week remove dust and dirt with a mop and then wipe with a gentle detergent wet.

Polished Concrete Maintenance Tips :

The maintenance required by polished cement floors is really minimal and require basic things like:

  • The floor should be mopped every day with a microfiber pad.
  • Always use clean water and clean mops.
  • Use a neutral floor cleaner that can more easily remove dirt.
  • Try to clean spills and stains as quickly as possible so they are not absorbed by the surface.
  • Make sure the cleaning products do not dry out on the surface before removing them.


Steps For Polishing Concrete Floors
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