Importance Of Concrete Warehouse Flooring


Concrete floors are most in demand for equipping warehouses, regardless of whether the floor is being filled or the concrete layer will be finished. ConcreteWarehouse Floors are one of the most important elements of a warehouse complex. They experience huge loads, a hard abrasive, mechanical, impact, constantly subject to the influence of chemical elements and temperature changes.

Why Warehouse Flooring Is Important

The warehouse floors are subject to increased requirements. Warehouse Flooring should be:

  • Resistant to abrasive abrasion: one of the main factors in the destruction of storage floors.
  • Resistant to Mechanical Stress:Warehouses often move transport, so the floor covering must have improved characteristics to withstand shear stresses. The same property should have floors in the garages.
  • Resistant to Impact:Heavy objects can fall on the floors. In this case, the monolithic coating should not be violated.
  • Possessing Chemical Resistance:Warehouse floors in the chemical industry are subject to the influence of aggressive liquids: solvents, paints, acids, etc.
  • Insensitive to temperature changes:Industrial floors in factories, where elevated temperatures are used with frequent changes, are often violated prematurely. Particularly relevant, additional reinforcement of the base is for storage facilities with access to the street, freezers and refrigerators;
  • Impermeable to Liquids:To ensure that the floors in warehouses are not adversely affected by frequent wet cleanings, and the soil through which no environmentally hazardous substance has penetrated, the coating must not allow liquid to pass through.
  • Non-slippery:Both in dry and wet conditions, to ensure the safety of transport and pedestrians.
  • Fireproof and durable : To ensure the safety of the goods or raw materials stored in the storage room.

This is why when installing industrial floors for a warehouse, it is necessary to take into account operational requirements, load distribution parameters, and other factors. Do not miss any of these nuances and find the best option for the device flooring will help specialists of the company Prom-Floor.

Concrete floors for warehouse

The optimal solution for the warehouse are concrete floors with micro topping, and for rooms with overloads - using metalized topping. They are resistant to abrasion, shock, dynamic loads. Such floors are cheaper than polymer ones. In addition, modern technology like concrete polishing allows you to give concrete coverings an attractive appearance if required by the purpose of the room.

As a basement concrete floors for a warehouse, it is necessary to arrange for the use of reinforcement and fillers from expanded clay and rubble. Such a foundation will be reliable and durable.



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