How To Polish Concrete Floor By Hand - Step By Step


The rough concrete surface becomes dirty and breaks down much faster than polished. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, polished concrete looks much more attractive. Polishing concrete can be done by own hands, which will greatly improve its aesthetic qualities and performance. After grinding, the floor can be laid on concrete or its surface can remain open.

Preparatory stages of work

To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to perform surface preparation (milling) and grinding. The main tasks of milling are cutting off the hillocks on the surface, removing the influxes, opening the pores. Also during this process, grinding of the upper layer is carried out.

Milling is performed in several approaches. To solve each of the tasks set, a special tool is used. Milling allows you to eliminate any surface defects. However, if there are wave surges on the surface, then a new concrete layer will be poured.

Milling is performed by a milling machine equipped with segments of carbide materials. After processing by this equipment, deep grooves remain on the floor.

Grinding can eliminate small surface irregularities. For these purposes, a grinder is used with segments on which diamond or corundum spraying is applied. To perform further polishing, it is necessary to remove so-called cement milk. Otherwise, this coating will prevent the penetration of the coating into the concrete.

Which cutting segment will be used, is selected depending on the brand of concrete. For grade M250 and below, corundum cutting parts are optimal, for concrete of higher grades it is recommended to use diamond ones.

Milling and grinding are performed on dry concrete. If the surface is moistened, the wet waste will clog the equipment and complicate the friction. If the machine is additionally connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner, the process will be greatly facilitated. After grinding, remove all dust from the surface.

Polishing of concrete surface With Hands: Steps


To perform the polishing of concrete with hands, one must adhere to a certain order of actions:

  1. First of all, milling is carried out in the presence of significant defects in size or paintwork residue.
  2. On the surface, mastic is applied on the basis of epoxy resin to eliminate potholes, cracks and other similar defects. As a result, it is necessary to achieve a state of the surface in which the grinder will not cling to irregularities and will move along the surface easily.
  3. Coarse grinding is performed using diamond discs. If there are no significant defects, you can start from this stage and do not perform milling.
  4. From the floor, all kinds of pollution, waste, and dust are eliminated.
  5. A hardener is applied to the floor, which gives hardness and additional strength to the surface.
  6. After hardening of the applied composition, grinding is performed with discs of grain size from 400.
  7. Finishing sanding of concrete is done with discs of granularity of 1500-3000.

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