Concrete Polishing


Concrete Polishing : Best way to treat concrete surfaces.

'Polished concrete eliminates the need for continually replacing your flooring, making it a value for money proposition' says Parmeet Bhalla Director, BGSB Concrete Solutions Pvt Ltd

Concrete polishing is steadily becoming the preferred choice of those looking for the ultimate no-wax/ epoxy flooring material. Thanks to recent advances in polishing equipment and techniques, concrete floors, both old and new, are attaining high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. The superior durability and performance of concrete mean that it is not surprising that an increasing number of retail, warehouse, and office facilities are opting for polished concrete flooring.

Almost any concrete slab can be polished, regardless of its age. Moreover, no special acid agents are required in order to prepare the surface. The initial preparation consists of 5 or more steps of surface grinding. This is done in order to achieve a dense surface. Polishing with resin diamond grids subsequently follows this procedure. Additionally, based on specific requirements, lithium based floor hardeners and penetrating surface densifiers are also used for arriving at the right sheen.

Choosing an Applicator

Polishing concrete is a specialized job and therefore, is best done by an experienced applicator. They will ensure that the slurry is kept off your property, ensuring a tidy and clean work area. It is therefore important that you choose an experienced concrete flooring contractor if you are planning a new concrete pour for your factory, warehouse or office facility. One good way to select an experienced applicator/contractor would be to go through referrals. They are one of the honest sources of information that can help you zero in on an experienced applicator/contractor.

Value for Money

Polishing concrete and using lithium based densifiers will actually harden the surface of your concrete floor and not slippery, which makes them the preferred choice for factories, warehouses, offices and residential units globally. Polished concrete eliminates the need for continually replacing your flooring, making it a value for money proposition. There are certain specific steps that are taken in order to ensure that areas such as bath and showers, where high moisture is an issue, the floor is made more slip proof, than any other flooring material. This is done using an impregnated sealer, which through its penetrative action permeates into concrete pours. This in turn results in a scour finish that acts as an anti-slip surface, without compromising on the aesthetics.

Earlier single sealers were being used in the process of polishing concrete. Since the slab tends to hold the cold within, the use of single sealer was often inadequate to address issues related to thermal efficiency of concrete. Today, a combination of three sealers, known as 'sandwich' is used in the process of polished concrete flooring. A penetrating sealer first of all penetrates and seals all the pours. This reduces the phenomenon of temperature rising to the surface. The application of an additional shield coat protects against mechanical damage. The final coat ensures the durability of the flooring, for years to come without removing any of the sealers, while also preserving the sheen of the floor.

About the Author:

Parmeet Bhalla is the Director of BGSB Concrete solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading concrete polishing and toppings service provider in the country. BGSB' office is based in New Delhi and leads BGSB's vision of re-facing floors all over the country. BGSB'S services range from Super flat Flooring, Polished Concrete, stamped concrete, Acid Staining & self level floorings. The company has over the years served hundreds of national and international clients, who without hesitation will endorse the brand, serve qualities at BGSB. The company specializes in all areas of concrete re-surfacing from: restoring, decorating old or new concrete inside and out. Whatever the task may be one can be assured that BGSB will provide the highest service in accordance.

For more on BGSB and its services their senior project manager can be reached at +91 99112-33099 or mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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