Concrete Polishing With Hands - DIY

Polishing concrete by hands is something that can be done with hands using the appropriate tools and techniques. Here are steps to follow for polishing concrete with hands.

  1. The primary stage of preparation of the old floor involves cleaning the surface from old tiles, varnishes, paints and other contaminants by milling or by shot blasting.
  2. The next step eliminates potholes, cracks and deformation shrinkage seams. In order to level the surface, use epoxy mastic. It is required to create a surface of such smoothness that the working elements of the grinding machine (heads) do not cling to surface irregularities.
  3. Using diamond disks having a grain size of up to 37 microns (400 grit), the preliminary grinding is performed "coarse". If the surface is smooth, that is, milling and leveling the surface is not required, this operation is performed immediately. The floor of concrete is cleaned of dust and dirt.
  4. With the help of a special hardener, the surface is made of concrete. The components of the reinforcing agent begin to interact with calcium hydroxide, which is contained in the concrete. This makes it possible to strengthen the strength characteristics of concrete. After grinding, the floor surface is treated with an impregnator, for example, Densifier.
  5. At the last stage, grinding is carried out with discs having a grain size of more than 400 grit and final polishing of the concrete surface with diamond discs having a grain size of 10-5 μm (1500-3000 grit).


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