Concrete Industrial Laser flooring

Concrete industrial flooring UsingLaser Screed Technology

The Laser Screed Concrete Flooring guarantees inimitable quantitative and qualitative performance, as well as a considerable reduction in work time and costs. Through the automated system, laser screed machines ensure greater precision in the laying of the concrete, which takes place at the predetermined level, and a total uniformity of the final surface.

The optimization of the seasoning and compacting phase allows overcoming all the problems related to manual laying in terms of flatness, horizontality, reduction of joints and mechanical resistance.

Post-tensioned floors

The "post tension" is the most innovative solution in the field of industrial concrete flooring, a very high-performance procedure that provides for the replacement of the classic reinforcements with mono strand steel cables, treated and sheathed in concrete, and subsequently post-thesis through the use of hydraulic jacks. The result is monolithic floors with reduced thickness, without expansion joints and control, which ensure high flatness and a drastic reduction in maintenance costs, as well as a very high resistance to cracks and boats.

ITS designs and realizes post-tended flooring, following all the phases of engineering and drafting, in particular for environments characterized by the presence of high shelving, high load intensity, the circulation of vehicles with low impression wheels or requiring resin coatings.

Industrial Resin Floors

The resin industrial floors are made of specific coatings applied on different types of supports to give a particular aesthetic, hygienic and anti-dust effect, as well as a good practicality of use.

The wide range of offers related to this type of flooring (spatula, polyurethane-cement, multilayer, impregnation, self-leveling, thin film, ...) and the relative treatment and finishing possibilities (glossy, semi-gloss, ...) they make it particularly suitable for customized customizations.

ITS offers specific advice in the identification of the most suitable coatings, and in the realization of the entire implementation cycle.

Laser concrete Floors

Paving in molded concrete

The printed flooring has the same technical and structural characteristics of concrete with aesthetic finishes that produce the beauty of natural stone, ceramics, rock, bricks, and wood.

Floors in washed gravel

The washed gravel floors are of great scenic effect and extremely ductile. It is possible to obtain different chromatic shades and to realize geometric inlays with the most precious materials such as marble and natural stones.

Semi-elastic floors


Mixed paving obtained with cement, bitumen, and resin, suitable for exteriors subject to heavy traffic and logistics. The union of resin and bitumen allows eliminating 90% of the joints, reducing maintenance costs over time.



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