Concrete Laser Flooring

A Smart Concrete Flooring Option

Polished concrete flooring system eliminates the need for continually replacing your industrial floors or Concrete  floors, thus making it a value for money proposition. Concrete laser flooring is steadily becoming the preferred choice of those looking for the ultimate no-wax/ epoxy flooring material. Thanks to recent advances in polishing equipment, hardening chemicals and techniques.

Concrete flooring, whether old or new, shall attain high-gloss finish that never needs wax or coatings after application of polished concrete system. The superior durability and performance of concrete mean that it is not surprising that an increasing number of Industrial, retail, warehouses and office facilities are opting for polished concrete flooring.

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Benefits of Concrete Polishing on Industrial Floors

  • Dust Free Floors: In unpolished concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force. This can be termed as concrete dusting. Dusting may force epoxies and other commonly used floor toppings and sealers off of the surface of concrete floors and can lead to high cost of maintenance for industrial floors.

From porous concrete to a dense surface; that prevents water, oil and other deicing chemicals from penetrating the surface making it an ideal choice for industrial floors and heavy-duty floors.

More strength and surface resistance to old, deteriorating, weak concrete surfaces, with more abrasion resistance at par with industry standards and an increase in impact resistance as well.

There are many reasons for concrete industrial floors to wear as they age:-

Waterlogging damage, surface pressure, de-lamination, improper curing, curled cold joints, joint shoulder failure to name few. Our signature process of polishing concrete actually grinds the top surface of the old/new concrete floor, including any unleveled areas with divots or holes, and densifies the exposed surface beneath. Aged concrete is strengthened, with its impact and abrasion resistance increased.

Increased reflectivity which will help to enhance the beauty of your industrial floors and reduce the cost of electricity bills. We are regularly been reported by our customers that they were able to save a fortune on their monthly bills after opting our signature system of concrete polishing.


  • Slip Resistance Floors: Our signature system of dry polished concrete floors meets, and at times, exceeds all international standards for slip resistance. If regularly mopped and cleaned, polished concrete floors will prove to be much less slippery than sealed or waxed floors.
  • No tire marks from heavy-duty trucks: vehicular traffic and other industrial machines. A tire mark is caused due to friction caused by skidding over the coated surface. This is not a case with polished concrete Industrial floors as there are no resins to burn on the surface.
  • Increased Life of Truck Tires: Due to smooth and leveled floor you can actually save a lot on wear & tear of tires. In most industrial units, who do not opt for concrete polish there are rough and uneven surfaces which cause tires to wear out rather quickly. Secondly, most industrial floors have curling joints, from where the concrete bows upward on the edges during concrete curing. After getting our signature System of grinding and polishing concrete on these areas, will level the joints and make the entire surface smooth, making tires last much longer.
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost: because of smooth and polished floors your mops, pads, and brushes last much longer and do not require aggressive scrubbing to clean the floors than on the ordinary concrete floor. After opting our signature system of polishing the concrete the surface becomes so dense and compacted that it actually repels oils and contaminating agents. Our process makes cleaning much easier and a maintenance schedule less demanding than with other floors.
  • No curing time required after application: Due to our natural mechanical process of polishing and the lack of toxic or hazardous topping chemicals, we have helped food manufacturing units, pharmaceutical industries, and other medical supply units meet the strict condition standards that their floors require. The use of our system can be extended to hospitals and other institutions without vacating the premises for our application.
  • Highly Economical: Polished concrete is one of the most economical industrial flooring options as it helps in saving energy, reduced tire wear, cleaning & maintenance cost and its durability of long life makes the polished concrete a budget sensible, as well as beautiful, industrial flooring system.
  • No floor coatings or wax required: With our signature system of polishing the concrete Industrial floor, there is no need of top coating the surface with wax or sealers. All your budgets of waxing and sealing can now be put on to other areas to save huge costs over maintenance.
  • Looks Elegant: Polished concrete floors have great and beautiful appearance and looks like artistic floors when installed by an expert applicator. It is often mistaken for stone, marble or granite due to its smooth and beautiful finish. Its aesthetic value makes polished concrete a viable option for most facilities, whether it is an industrial, manufacturing unit, office building, or high-end shopping mall.
  • Most durable flooring option: There is simply no comparison to other floor systems when it comes to the life of a polished concrete floor. Even the most durable epoxy, carpets, PVC sheets, stone or marble floors will require replacement at some time or the other depending on their particular strength and life span, unlike Polished concrete floors which will be there as long as the slab exists, whether that be fifty or one hundred years later. With very minimum maintenance and mopping schedule, polished concrete Industrial floors provide savings over the short and long term.
  • Green flooring option: Polished concrete is 100% green flooring option because it drastically reduces the use of different floor topping, coverings or coatings over a given slab on a project, which on the other leads to land-fills upon their eventual replacement. Our signature system of polishing not only upholds aesthetically pleasing design but also aligns with the LEED rating system, as our company is a member of IGBC LEED INDIA has the commitment to contribute towards a green environment.